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A base of people

Le 23 April 2017, 14:53 dans Humeurs 0

A base of people, one out of the case, the two cities did not dare to face this a heavy gun, Cappucca made to send, but also to the players behind him to play some circle of opportunities. Then Field and Martinez (microblogging) continuous hit with RBI hits, so that the score into 5: 6 Wade Boggs Jersey, and ran back to the first five points is Cabrera, which is his career back to the first 1000 Minute. In the Perotta with RBI second run, the tiger will equalize the score Rick Porcello Jersey. Eighth inning the second half, second base was, Cabrera play hit, Shuangcheng in order not to face this a horrible hit, in the case of a base of the situation to save this a super hit, but this gave After he had a chance for Field. Dabi repair with the ball is not streamlined, the first few dozen who are very tough, but he did not repeat the past, the first game out of the problem, in the first two games did not let the other third base. On the other hand, the rider's third baseman Bell Cui is in the second half of the first half to a spring gun for the rider to open a record. But the little-known astronaut eighth stick third baseman Dominges stood out, in the up to repair that almost a perfect starting, he did not play the game. Third in the second half, he will hit a spring gun will equalize the score. In the second half of the fifth game, his second play, the first base of the case, he actually fired a home run, and relying on this a home run to get a 3: 1 lead. Sixth in the first half, in the rider's Berkman hit the hits after the third base, the astronauts put on the pitcher Humber, to know that at this time Barda's pitching number only 90 ball. This season, the mysterious Kawasaki Akira's play is so that all the US baseball experts did not think of, so far, his defense rate ranked third in the league, and WHIP is a lot of good players in the first row. Although he did not have as much as nine different weapons balls Jimmie Foxx Jersey, but he was relying on 90 miles or so precise control of the speed of the ball, the end of the full of the ball and the arc of the ball to play a large ball The MLB official television commentator and even his scoring tail of the ball with the 7th Celeron Award winner Roger Clemens of the crossed crosses Brock Holt Jersey.

After a vote in the last 130 after

Le 23 April 2017, 14:53 dans Humeurs 0

After a vote in the last 130 after the game Dabi repair in the normal break under the game, he chopped a small knife to vote 101 goals to complete the 6 games lost 1 points high quality first. However, the rider's line in the face of this season's poor performance of the athletes pitcher Stella is no way, the athletes to 1: 0 victory over Darby repair led by the rangers, Dabi repair has swallowed the season Two defeats Alex Meyer Jersey. In today's Yankees away to the light of the game, the face of the light of the new star left mole C.J. Wilson Jersey, Yankees many times into danger. In the ninth half of the first half, two out, two good ball Mike Morin Jersey, behind the case of 1 points, Gardner's continued life with RBI help team dragged into the second half of the ninth half. The second floor of the second half, second base of someone, one out, the light hit the flat fly ball straight outside the field, if the ball landed, it will definitely form a goodbye hits, but Suzuki Yilan to a brilliant taxi to kill this A ball, let the game be able to enter the playoffs, and rely on Ao Fobe's winning base to beat the light, won the victory. On the other hand the poor performance of the early season, the angels are gradually recovering in today's game, they are 7: 0 score closed Kansas Royal Luis Valbuena Jersey, and won seven straight. Sailor weak line of the face of the ranger of the new pitcher Teppes in the first five games of the game are no way, although the rock Kuang Jiu gradually stabilized down, the sailor is still in a backward position. After the first two games of the game, the rock Kuma Jiuzhi's pitching more streamlined, but also more easily get out of the number, in the second half of the second half, second base of the case, the sailors finally broke the defense of Teppes. Morales' two-point homer to help the team tie the game.

Groski out of the right corner

Le 23 April 2017, 14:53 dans Humeurs 0

Groski out of the right corner of the right out of the Proder, Craucus 25 yards left foot volley burst shot, the ball draw a wonderful arc in front of the rapid fall broken network, the score into a 2- 0! This is his second game of the season. The first 74 minutes Marcel Goc Jersey, Okaka for Duku Lei. The first 77 minutes, Sussex pass, Capo left foot long shot high. The first 91 minutes, Dini restricted area before the beautiful volley is just slightly higher. The end of the game, the final 10 Hull City at home 2-0 force to capture Waterford, get relegted to the road valuable three points. British media analysis, do not rule out Mu Shuai for the tree and sell the "disobedient" Spaniards, year with Deheya outgoing scandal Real Madrid is the ideal trading object. Mourinho stared at the former love of the devil Vallane and Mora tower, hoping to meet with them in England Justin Schultz Jersey. Real Madrid from the youth camp out of the Mora tower since the return of Juventus state of hot Paul Coffey Jersey, this season on behalf of Real Madrid played 36 games, scored 17 goals, but has been unable to obtain a stable main position so that he initiation to Italy Scott Harrington Jersey. In addition, the "Sun" that Real Madrid will certainly refuse to offer Mourinho, because the 23-year-old Vallane is currently considered a long-term candidate for the team defender.

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