German transfer market data show that Deheya is currently worth 40 million euros, while the value of Varan and Mora Tata were 35 million and 40 million euros. According to the transfer market data, Mourinho's idea really do not fly. In fact, two years ago, Deheya was once close to the transfer of Real Madrid Rob Scuderi Jersey, and Real Madrid at the time will be the current goalkeeper Nawas put the terms, ready to Nava Sijia transfer fee way Degeya, but Real Madrid And Manchester United both sides in the Spanish transfer window after the deadline and did not submit the relevant transfer materials Jeff Zatkoff Jersey, and the summer of 2016, Real Madrid did not trigger Dehia 30 million pounds buyout terms Paul Coffey Jersey. Sanchez vs. Aguero: Sovereign has been involved in making 28 goals (19 goals + 9 assists) in the league since the season Christian Ehrhoff Jersey, and Sanchez had had four games at Wembley Stadium. Into 5 balls. Which is 3 goals for Arsenal, the other two goals are in Chile and England in the game to obtain. This time Sanchez's performance will determine the success or failure of Arsenal. Manchester City, Aguero in 14 games FA Cup game into 13 balls, including 4 goals this season, he will and Sanchez positive PK.