William and Tottenham's past, fans must have forgotten. In August 2013, he passed the Tottenham test Marc Staal Jersey, about to sign with the white lily for 5 years, but eventually Chelsea cross knife wins love Nick Holden Jersey, halfway cut Hu. Xu is because of this source, before the 9th on behalf of the Blues against Tottenham, William did not score recorded Jayson Megna Jersey, only contributed 1 assists. The game, William rare to replace Azar debut James Patrick Jersey. 5 minutes, Pedro breakthrough by Alde Ville foul, Chelsea get free kick opportunity, the location in the middle of the left. William doing my part, the foot from the knife, right foot free kick straight far corner, Rao is Tottenham's French len loris to make the best fight, also failed to block the ball into the net. Manchester United goalkeeper Degea is selling his own value of �� 3.85 million in Manchester, the fact that the media reporter as the Spanish country is about to move to join La Liga giants Real Madrid another important evidence.